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Your story is unique,

your photos should be too




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I'm Ashton, the girl behind the camera. I am a natural light photographer specializing in weddings, engagement & portrait photography, but am not limited to just that!  I'm located in beautiful Overland Park, KS but love to travel & experience new places!

My ultimate goal is to give you a photoshoot as unique as you. I want to capture the fun & raw moments that encompass you, but sometimes you need a little help to relax & forget the camera is pointed in your direction.

With my style of photography, I will give you prompts to act out to capture the most genuine & authentic emotion. This allows you to move naturally verse holding a pose that feels uncomfortable. When you are stiff & overly posed, that will reflect in every image taken. I want to get you feeling comfortable & carefree so it feels more like an experience & less like a boring photoshoot.

I'm so glad you're here!

hey you,

check out some examples of prompts used to capture these images

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